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Wireless Phone Charger Projects

Build a wireless charger into your next furniture or cabinetry project. Sleek, streamlined and totally concealed, PuK chargers make recharging your phone elegant, effortless and hassle-free. Just set your phone over the hot spot and it starts charging. PuK charging hot spots use the universal Qi wireless charging standard, an induction technology that transmits an electric charge through up to 5mm of wood. For a concealed look, inset it into the bottom face of your desk, chair, counter or table. For an exposed look, you can install it in a through-hole and purchase one of the optional cover plates, available in black or white.

This wireless phone charger is a great way to add a high tech feature to your next project. The dresser valet and night stand (pictured) both feature built-in phone chargers. You can download both plans for free.

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